Sylvester Stallone’s story

I can’t believe I’ve never stumbled upon Stallone’s story. He had so much passion to pursue an acting career that so many directors denied him of. Battling through rejections, sacrifices and starvation, Stallone still chose to deny a company that offered him a $400,000 contract for his rocky script because they wouldn’t offer him the lead role in the movie. Stallone needed to act and he would settle for nothing less. Keep in mind that this was at a point where he was so poor that he had to sell his best friend, his dog, for a mere 50 dollars.

In the end Stallone settled for 25,000 dollars with a lead acting role. The first thing he did was buy back his dog for 3,000 dollars. This story inspired me to keep pursuing my goals for my campaign, I wish to believe in this cause with the same amount of hope and motivation that he had back then. Fight on.



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